Dannii Minogue ditches her heels for baby Ethan

Fashionista Dannii proves that even celebrity mums can’t run after their babies in high heel shoes

Dannii Minogue has revealed that she’s taken off her heels and invested in flat shoes so that she can keep up with her baby son. Kylie Minogue’s little sister has taken the shoe precaution as son Ethan, her first baby with partner Kris Smith, learns to crawl.


“I’ve bought myself a couple of pairs of flat shoes. So while Kris was busy preparing himself for the Australian Grand Prix ‘Celebrity Challenge’ race, I armed myself with ballet flats and set about encouraging our 8-month-old to take his first voyage across the dining room floor. It didn’t take him long to catch on,” Dannii told fans on her blog.

Dannii is currently in London, where she took Ethan to watch Auntie Kylie perform on tour.

“Ethan has had a busy month. He’s going through a developmental spurt so rapid I’m struggling to keep up. He mastered rolling over a few weeks ago, so I knew crawling wasn’t far off,” said Dannii.

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