Dannii Minogue: “My biological clock was ticking”

X Factor judge warned by doctors that she had to make a baby decision and now she’s “exploding with happiness”

Appearing blissfully happy arriving back from Australia with her rugby player beau and a growing baby bump, Dannii Minogue is looking blooming gorgeous. However, 38-year-old Dannii had previously given up on the idea of having children, after warnings from doctors that her biological clock was ticking.


The Oz beauty revealed that when she was 36, she had been advised by doctors to make a decision on whether she wanted a family. However, she didn’t think it would be an issue as she wasn’t in a relationship, so therefore the baby plans never made it into the picture. “I remember thinking, ‘Oh God, I’m now that person who is getting too old to have kids,’” she admitted to The Mirror. But then, two years later she met Kris Smith, 31, and now she is a glowing mum-to-be!

“This guy has changed everything. I found The One and I am exploding with happiness. Kris is so completely broody. I’m totally in a panic about everything – babies, living together and working miles apart,” Dannii shared.

However, as panicky as the new situation is, it’s clear that the couple are very much looking forward to their new addition. “It’s wonderful to have problems caused by being completely in love. Everything is fresh and new and exciting,” Dannii concluded.


Dannii’s baby is due in July and it’s believed that the couple will relocate to Australia to bring up their mini Minogue-Smith!

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