Dannii Minogue’s son Ethan takes first steps

Dannii Minogue’s toddler reaches a magical milestone on a day out in Melbourne, Australia.


Proud parents Dannii Mongue and ex-Rugby player Kris Smith had their 13-month-old son Ethan take his first few steps by himself this week in Australia.


Watching those first few steps is a very special moment- and what a great gift for Dannii who turned 40 just last week!

When the outing got tiring for Ethan and his little legs, mum and dad took turns carrying the gorgeous toddler.

Ethan wasn’t the only one to have something to be proud of- Dannii looked well and on the mend. The former X-Factor judge was recently ill, struggling with a thyroid condition.

“My thyroid stopped working and I had appendicitis. When you’ve just had a baby you think it must be normal tiredness. But it got to the point were I thought, ‘This cannot be normal’,” said Dannii, reports The Mail.

Note to Auntie Kylie: he’s walking around so move out of his way…

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