David Beckham and Cheryl Cole best role models

David Beckham and Cheryl Cole top the list of who parents say are the best role models around for children


When it comes to role models for children, nearly two-thirds of adults think there are no appropriate ones for school-aged kids, reports the Telegraph.


However, 55% of adults surveyed said David Beckham was a good or very good role model, research by The Children’s Society has said. Only 18% thought the dad-of-three and husband of Victoria Beckham set a bad example.

Second on the list for positive role models was Cheryl Cole. Of those questioned, 40% thought she was a good role model. However, 27% thought she was a bad one.

When it comes to looking up to our parents, 32% of the adults used to consider their mum a role model, and 30% thought our children now see us mums in the same way. Aww, isn’t that sweet!

So who was the worst role model? Homer Simpson!


Do you think David and Cheryl should top the list? Who would you like your children to look up to?

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