David Beckham loves shopping for hair bows for Harper

Dad-of-four David Beckham’s a bit of a softy at heart, admitting he enjoys buying girly things for daughter Harper Seven


Soccer star David Beckham may be covered in tattoos, be a competitive sportsman and have three sons, but he’s revealed he rather enjoys buying hair bows for 4-month-old Harper. Basically he’s gone and done what we wouldn’t have dreamed was even possible and made himself even more attractive, sigh!


We’re surprised David even gets a look in for cuddle time with Harper as mum Victoria Beckham appears unable to put her little girl down. Most recently, Victoria has reportedly been spotted buying a pair of Chinchilla Mitts and a Terapin baby coat for the fashion forward baby Beckham. But while shopping for girly things is seemingly as natural to Victoria as breathing, it’s David that’s getting excited about treating Harper. “I didn’t realise how excited I would get over buying hair bows”, the proud dad reportedly gushed.

David and Victoria have experience of wearing matching outfits (the twin leather outfits will no doubt go down in fashion history), so perhaps David will show his love for hair bands again to match Harper? Fingers crossed for a pretty pink one with a bow!


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