David Beckham has taken to Facebook to share a photo of his personalised pink football boots.


The dad-of-four first sported a pair of pink striped boots with his children’s names in honour of the birth of his daughter last year, but this year the boots have gone super-pink.

David’s snap shows a pair of white and neon pink football boots with his children’s names stitched along the side. The initial “V” was also visible on the heel, as a tribute to wife Victoria.

David’s boots might confirm our suspicions that daughter Harper’s wardrobe and summer style could be about to take a more girly turn.

In an interview with BBC Newsround on Father's Day, David revealed that he and Victoria are strict parents and expect their children to do chores at home in return for pocket money.

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“Victoria’s the strict one to a point and after that I kind of take over. But we’re both kind of strict, we were brought up like that,” David said.

“They have their chores. They have to put their plates in the dishwasher or make their bed in the morning - and if they don’t do it, they don’t get their pocket money," he said

Despite being strict with chores, David revealed his soft spot is letting his kids stay up late to watch football.

“I let them stay up, but I’m not sure my wife would. You can’t take the kids away from penalties,” he said.

With David’s cute kit and the England match tonight, we’ve definitely got football fever in the MFM office! We're sure the Beckham boys will be watching!


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