David Cameron wants ‘more expected of every child’

Prime Minister backs plans for better education with more free schools and academies


Speaking at his party conference in Birmingham yesterday, Prime Minister David Cameron showed his continued intention to shake up the education system.


Amid concerns his overall strategy isn’t working, David admitted that times have been tough, but the plan is working and “we are making progress”.

David said, “The damage is worse than we thought and it’s taking longer than we hoped”, but that the UK is a country of reckoning, which would “either sink or swim, do or decline”.

On education, the Prime Minister spoke about his plan to continue with the introduction of more free schools, reports the Guardian. David said he wanted more free schools, as well as more academies, plus, “more expected of every child”.

Defending his own education, David continued, “To all those people who say he wants children to have the kind of education he had at his posh school, I say: ‘Yes, you are absolutely right.’”

David has come under fire for failing to touch on the subject of childcare. Childcare was recently in the spotlight after Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg pledged a £100m investment into the free childcare scheme. 


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