Davina McCall’s school run: “quick kiss walk away”

First day back emotions for Davina as she faces son's wobbly lip


Davina McCall joined the hoards of mums and dads on the school run this week, and it wasn’t all plain sailing.


The mum-of-three was back on school-gate-duty with 5-year-old son Chester, who was none too impressed to be left by his mum.

Davina tweeted, “First day back at school… Chester did a little wobbly lip… my heart nearly broke… had to do the ‘quick kiss walk away’.”

This might be unwelcome news if you did your first school run this week and was hoping it’d get easier, but it seems many mums are making the experience more fun by getting their cameras out.

Davina’s recently been having her own fun with the camera. The presenter sent a snap of Chester and her two daughters Holly Willow, 10 and Tilly Pippy, 8, asleep in the back of the car to her parents, to which they sent back a pic of them asleep with a friend in the car.

Davina’s not got much time to worry about Chester’s little wobbly lip either, as she’s got a bumper load of party planning to do with all three of her children celebrating their birthdays in September. Perhaps Davina should check out our birthday cake ideas?!


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