Deciding what to wear takes us almost a year

Women spend 287 days deciding on outfits over the course of a lifetime.


Women, on average, spend 16 minutes each weekday morning deciding what to wear, and 14 minutes on Saturday and Sunday mornings, says the Telegraph. And when it comes to deciding what to wear on a night out (remember what those were like?!), we take longer – 20 minutes, to be exact. Over our lifetime, it adds up to 287 days.


The results came after 2,491 women were surveyed by clothes giant Matalan, and are based on an adult lifetime from the age of 16 to 60.

When it comes to packing clothes for holidays, us girls take 52 minutes – that’s per trip, not total! Special events like Christmas, which have been average out as happening six times a year, will see us spend 36 minutes surveying our wardrobe.

Supposedly, half of us spend 15 minutes the night before deciding what we’ll wear the next day. On average, we also try on two outfits each morning before coming to a final decision. Two outfits! We’re not sure which women were polled, but plenty of mums we know are lucky enough to find time to run a brush through their hair and get out the door with both shoes on the right feet!


How long do you spend thinking about your outfit? Or do you think you’ve had a “good day” if you’ve manage to do your buttons up straight? Let us know…


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