Dentists are allowing children’s milk teeth to go untreated

Dental expert speaks out about dentists ignoring the health and treatment of children’s milk teeth


Professor Monty Duggal, from the Leeds Dental Institute has spoken about his concerns that fellow dentists are neglecting children’s milk teeth needs, as they believe they’re not worth treating as they’ll fall out naturally and make way for adult teeth.


Professor Monty believes that the consequences of what he calls “supervised neglect” includes unnecessary pain and facial infections. “How can we condone the non-treatment of a disease that carries such a high morbidity and knowingly put the child at risk of pain and suffering?” Professor Monty wrote in the Faculty Dental Journal.

The Professor also added that the NHS funding system too often discouraged extensive dental treatment on children’s first set of teeth. “It is wrong and unjustifiable,” Monty concludes about this lack of treatment, as reported by the Telegraph.


Do you agree with Professor Monty’s concerns?

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