Model with stretchmarks stars in new swimwear ad – and people can’t get enough

How refreshing is this?


We know the summer hols are a fair way off, but when it does comes to thinking about getting some sun (if you fancy it), the dreaded bikini shop can be a bit of a mare for lots of us. ? ?


All those Beach Body Ready ads are enough to leave lots of us feeling just a teensy bit flabby and pale, right?

And as for any of them featuring a hint of a regular post-baby body? Forget it.

Until now….

American plus-sized designers Lane Bryant have released a bikini ad that shows a stunning model with her stretchmarks on display. No photo shopping here. The real deal.

When the company share the pic on Instagram they were inundated with praise.

“Love the honesty in this photo. Refreshing,” said one fan.

“Thank you! Stretch marks mean this model probably brought some squishy new humans into the world. We should applaud!” said another.

“My body looks much like hers, and honestly I’ve been stopped by beautiful women in Vegas pools and guys on the beach and told my confidence is sexy and my body is amazing,” said yet another.

“I love when people embrace real curves, real confidence and beauty! Great ad!”

And finally: “This ad is everything!!!! This is a realistic, sexy, confident, beautiful woman!!! Wow!!!! Thank you!!!”

Fair praise indeed, we reckon.

Here at MadeForMums we have to say we don’t remember seeing an ad pic quite like this one, and we’re in total accord with the above comments.

More of this please ? ?

Photo: Lane Bryant

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