Katie Price has been criticised for breaking the "cardinal rule for all parents" this week.The mum-of-5 appeared on Monday's This Morning TV show to talk movingly about what life is like caring for her disabled son Harvey.


While viewers praised Katie for her honest and caring interview, The Metro newspaper then ran a story claiming that Katie had seemed to break the "cardinal rule for all parents [which] is to never publicly acknowledge which of your children is your favourite".

But did Katie really reveal that Harvey was her favourite? Is it not possible to talk lovingly about one of your children without being accused of favouritism?

What Katie actually said

So Katie did use the words "favourite" and "Harvey" in the same sentence, but like this: "He [Harvey] makes me laugh," she told Amanda Holden and Philip Schofield. "I love him so much, he dotes on me. Of all my kids, everyone tells me Harvey is their favourite because he is so funny and his personality has come out."

So Katie gets told by friends and acquaintances that 13-year-old Harvey is their favourite. Not really the same thing, is it?

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In the rest of the interview, Katie talked candidly about Harvey being unpredictable and how he needs constant care. She explained that while his siblings Junior, 10, and Princess, 8, have learned to be careful around him; the mum-of-5 has to watch Harvey with his youngest brother Jett, 2, and sister Bunny, 1.

"The others know if if he is in bad mood then stay away," she said. "Sometimes he wants to pick up Bunny and give her a kiss and he wants us to say 'isn't that sweet' when really I am thinking, 'Oh My God, is he going to launch her?' because you don't know what he is going to do. You have to watch him with everything."

Harvey, whose father is former Manchester United footballer Dwight Yorke, has 'Prader-Willi syndrome' (PWS), a rare genetic condition that causes a wide range of problems. He's also on the autism spectrum, has limited vision and can't walk far unaided. Every day, he has to take six types of life-saving medication.

"Yes, he is challenging and hard work," she continued. "What that didn't show was what it can be like in the mornings, he wets his bed… he doesn't know how to aim on the toilet, so we're constantly cleaning the toilet, but you know, that’s part and parcel of having Harvey and I would not change anything."

Katie's unflinching honesty won her support for her parenting on Twitter.

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