Did Prince William just let Kate’s due date slip?

And is your baby set to arrive at the same time?


Even though he’s on to baby no 3 and an old pro at fatherhood now, there’s no denying how excited Prince William is at the prospect of becoming a dad again.


But while celebs (and royals) tend to do their best to keep official due dates under wraps, it seems Wills might just have let the cat out of the bag this time around, after sharing at a conference in Oxford how he and his wife had been ‘anxious to start with’ but could ‘start celebrating this week’.

Now, we know there’s a bit of a ‘no-rule rule’ that says pregnancies are announced after the 12-week mark, but the couple had to break this as Kate had to cancel some engagements because of her hyperemesis gravidarum.

So, if the ‘celebrating’ is about hitting the 12-week mark, that means the baby is due early in March 2018.

Exciting! ?

What about you?

Did you wait until the 12-week mark to share your baby news or break the ‘rule’ and tell people sooner? Do you have a baby due at the same time as the royal one? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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