Did your child get a primary school place?

Parents find out today if school applications have been successful


Parents across the country will today discover if their child has been accepted into their first choice primary school.


Mums and dads in Oxfordshire, Liverpool and many other regions will receive letters today, while those in London may have already discovered their child’s success through an online notification system.

Places in sought-after primary schools are not guaranteed, even for those in catchment areas, with statistics showing that 10% of applicants in Liverpool and Oxfordshire will not get their first choice.

Londoners had an 81% success rate, an improvement on 2012 when only 79% of children got places in their parents’ most desired primary.

These figures show a positive outcome for more children this year than last, despite fears that a 2010/11 baby boom would cause a shortage of places.

Nevertheless, many local authorities have admitted there is a rocketing demand for reception level education with London Councils recommending an extra 79,000 places are created before 2016.

Have you had news about your child’s primary school place today? Do you need support and advice on how to appeal a decision? Or are you celebrating by beginning to think about lunchbox shopping?


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