Disposable baby bottle success

Yorkshireman’s baby feeding bottle eco-invention is a hit – and could help lessen colic


Despite five years of rejections, inventor Tim Moor has now got his recyclable, disposable, BPA-free baby feeding bottle into the shops, reports the Metro.


Dad-of-two Tim had to sell the family home to develop the product, a biodegradable sterile plastic pouch with a collapsible teat. The bag that holds the milk collapses as your baby feeds, meaning there’s no air left, which could lessen trapped wind or ease colic.

“This invention puts an end to the need for mums to carry around bulky rigid bottle and sterilization equipment – a godsend for days out or when traveling,” said inventor Tim, from Stillington, near York.


Tim landed a £750,000 deal thanks to G&T Designs, and the pouches went on sale in Boots last month, at £2.29 for a four-pack. Did the customers like them? Boots’ online customers bought the whole lot!


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