Do Helen Flanagan’s Instagram pics reveal her baby’s sex?

And no, it's not just to do with her outfit choice…


Helen Flanagan showed off her baby bump in a stunning blue dress this weekend. The former Coronation Street actress has insisted she’s not found out the sex of her baby with boyfriend Scott Sinclair. But was she hinting at the sex of her baby with the dress colour? That’s what some are suggesting, but we think not. However, there are a few other clues that have led us to believe she may be expecting a boy. All fun speculation of course…


First of all, the wrap dress clearly reveals the shape of Helen’s 6-month bump. According to an old wives’ tale, if you’re carrying your bump low down and all ‘out in front’ you are said to be having a boy. And that bump looks pretty out front and in a relatively low position to us!


Secondly, lets go back to that colour, because not only is her dress blue, so are her new Chanel summer sandals. Yes, yes, they’re just sandals. But when Helen posted them on Instagram a few weeks ago, she revealed they match her pram. “Love my new summer sandals #needflats #matchmypram,” she commented. Now, is that a clue?

Third and last, lets have a look at Helen’s recent eating habits. Another old wives’ tale says if you crave savoury foods then you’re expecting a boy. A quick look at Helen’s Instagram page show she’s been posting a lot of pics of savoury dishes, such as the above chickpea coconut curry with rye bread and chicken. And not a cake in sight.

Of course, we’re just having a bit of fun. But do you think there are any truth to the clues from your own experiences? Let us know in the comments below… 

Photos: Instagram / Helen Flanagan

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