Do you have any of these Christmas rows in your house?

'Tis the season for turkey, merriment and arguments…


Oh Christmas. Among the presents, turkey and family get-togethers, it’s not surprising tensions can run high.


And for divorced or separated parents, organising the festive period can be a right faff. So using firm-wide data, family law firm Simpson Millar has set out the top five most common causes of disputes among divorced or separated parents during November and December.

Top 5 causes of disputes between parents at Christmas

  1. Which parent the children spend Christmas Day with
  2. Children meeting a new partner
  3. Different new haircuts or piercings made without consultation with the other parent
  4. The amount of time the children are allowed to spend on the internet and social media
  5. Diet: what the children are being allowed to eat over the holidays

But you don’t have to be divorced or separated to have a barny at Christmas. Here are some of the most common festive arguments from a quick straw poll of the MFM team…

  1. Where you go for Christmas – which grandparents do you see?
  2. That one partner is doing ‘everything’ while the other isn’t doing enough
  3. What to watch on TV – we look forward to Downton all day. Move away from the remote.
  4. Partner having too much to drink (and probably falling asleep)
  5. When to open the presents – rip them all open first thing or keep them till after lunch?

What’s most likely to spark a Christmas row in your house? Let us know in the comments below.

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