Dogs help relieve family stress

Walking man’s best friend has been named as the best activity for family bonding…by dog owners


A new poll of 1,000 UK dog owners by Winalot dog food has revealed that owners believe spending time with their dog relieves stress.


The study also says that 67% of dog owners feel that walking the dog offers them the best time to spend with their family – rather than watching TV, eating dinner or even going on holiday.

Winalot’s research has been supported by a study from Mindlab Intertational, who conducted their own poll into dog-owning families.

“You’ve had a tough and stressful day. Now all you want to do is relax and unwind. Actually, forget the TV and interact with the dog instead,” said Dr David Lewis of Mindlab International.

“The research we conducted shows this is a profound and effective stress reducer and increases feelings of contentment and relaxation,” added Dr David.


The poll also found that many dog owners believe a dog has many other benefits, including giving young family members a sense of responsibility (54%) and care (41%) as well as helping to get families off the couch and out of the house (54%).

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