Who is Dress Like A Mum?

Zoë de Pass is the mum behind the popular Instagram account @DressLikeAMum.


Dress Like A Mum started as an Instagram account to combat negative stereotypes around how mums dress, and later evolved into a blog, too.

She's now got over 100k followers on the social media site - and her campaign hashtag #dresslikeamum has been used almost as many times.

Zoë de Pass' vital stats:

Zoë is (we think) about 37 years old, as of May 2018. She was born in Notting Hill, West London.

Later, she would live in Wandsworth, and has now settled in Peckham with her husband and their growing family.

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Zoë's children:

dress like a mum

Zoe has 3 children: she likes to keep their names private - but aren't the pics cute?!

art de pass

Zoë's first born child was a little boy.

"Our son is kind, thoughtful and generous. He has a cheeky, outgoing side too," she said in an interview. "He loves trains, riding his bike, drawing and working out how things work."

Baby number 2

dress like a mum

Zoë also has a little girl - who's becoming quite the little personality!

"Our daughter’s personality is starting to come out more and more – she is definitely more outgoing, loves dancing and being turned upside-down!

"She has a fun, naughty glint in her eye that may well cause us some trouble when she gets older."

Zoë's 3rd pregnancy

dress like a mum

Zoë documented her 3rd pregnancy on Instagram throughout 2018. She had a little boy.

Images: Instagram/Dress Like A Mum

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