Drew Barrymore: Pregnancy gave me a beard

Actress opens up about her embarrassing mum-to-be symptoms and why she’s not going to be bikini ready


Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore has revealed she grew a beard when she was pregnant with baby daughter Olive.


The star, who’s known for her great sense of humour, opened up about the embarrassing changes she experienced as a mum-to-be, including some new-found facial hair.

“I got a wonderful little goatee, and it was red! I also got hyperpigmentation on my cheeks,” Drew reportedly told InTouch magazine, according to Contact Music.

The 38-year-old, who gave birth to her first child 6 months ago, also said she’s not bothered about getting back to her pre-baby shape.

“I’d rather kill myself than get into a bikini right now! I take care of myself, but I’m never going to be the person who talks about diet and exercise. I would fail that conversation,” she explained.

The first-time mum also recently shared her thoughts about the difficulties of juggling her family and career, saying she’s given up her film-making career to focus on raising her daughter Olive.

We love Drew’s honesty about all aspects of motherhood, and especially about the not so glam sides of pregnancy!

Did you suffer any embarassing symptoms when pregnant? Tell us your tale below…


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