Duodecaplet mum a fraud?

Woman ‘pregnant’ with 12 babies in hiding


The mum-to-be who it was rumoured to be expecting six boys and six girls has been identified and called a fraud.


Known only as ‘AF’, the woman announced to medics in her native Tunisia that she was close to giving birth to duodecaplets later this month. However, after further inspection, it has been claimed that she may be suffering from psychological problems.

“Our staff interviewed her at length, but her pregnancy appears to be in her imagination. She’s claiming to be nine months pregnant with six boys and six girls, but there’s absolutely nothing about her appearance which indicates this,” a spokesman from Tunisia has stated. “The woman has refused point blank to undergo a medical examination. Now we can’t even contact her. She’s gone into hiding.”

This revelation comes a day after her husband, known as Marwan, expressed his joy at finding out about his 12 unborn babies. However, since the speculation began, he has also gone into hiding and has hired a lawyer. 

Since the claim, there have been doubts surrounding how a woman could physically carry 12 foetuses in her womb.


“The womb just doesn’t expand that much. She would have to be about seven feet tall,” claimed Peter Bowen-Simpkins, from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist.


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