A 2011 ad for a Dutch pregnancy test called Predictor has taken the internet by storm - or at least given everyone one hell of a laugh.


The advert shows a man and a woman looking delighted and surprised at the result of a pregnancy test… despite the fact the woman in the picture is clearly pregnant.

And we must admit, we’ve had a good chuckle at the reaction on Twitter...

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And on Facebook...

If you take the ad on face value, it definitely seems like someone in the picture editing department’s made quite the error.

And some people even thought the ad was misunderstood - that it wasn't an ad for a pregnancy test, but a gender predictor instead (which it's not).

But our first thought was this: surely it’s being a bit tongue in cheek, making a joke, because it just so obviously doesn’t add up?

AdWeek did some digging and found the agency behind the billboard, Etcetera, and spoke to the ad’s art director, Chris Sant, who explained what the ad was supposed to mean:

"Since Predictor is 99.9 percent accurate, you'd rather depend on the test than your belly,” he said. He even used the phrase “advertising exaggeration” to describe why they’d done it.

Well, there you go.

That said, it’s much more fun to forget what we’ve just written and enjoy the billboard as what many people seem to think it is: an advertising mishap.

Images: Ads Of The World, Twitter/Alex Romero, Facebook

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