EastEnders' actor James Bye has revealed how he donned his SWIMMING TRUNKS to help deliver his second son.


Speaking to OK! magazine, James, who plays Martin Fowler in the BBC soap, told of how he played midwife during his wife Victoria's labour - and PULLED his second son into the world.

Victoria and James are already proud parents to 2-year-old Edward, and their new little boy, Louis, came into the world on 9 March, after keeping his mum and dad waiting for 9 days past his due date.

Despite being overdue and having her waters broken in hospital, Victoria was still able to stick to her plan to give birth in a pool using hypnobirthing techniques.

And very involved dad James told OK!: "I got my trunks on and got in, too. I put my hand down and held his head."

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He added: "It was the most amazing feeling on earth. I can’t put into words what it felt like to do it, to pull him into this world."

New mum Victoria said that having James at the birth and so involved in Louis's delivery was a great thing for their relationship - although like practically every mum we know, she admits she did have some doubts beforehand.

"It makes you stronger as a couple to share these experiences and go through them together," Victoria explained - but added:

"Part of me did wonder whether it would faze James to see me in all my glory through labour – the scarier, gorier parts particularly. But he wanted to be there and to be a part of it."

And toddler Edward is being just as hands-on as his dad and helping to care for his new little bro, too!

"Edward’s just fallen in love with him," Victoria says. "When Louis cries, Edward runs up to him and says ‘Shhh, it’s okay.’ When I arrive to pick Edward up from nursery now it’s ‘Baby Louis’ he shouts in greeting, rather than ‘Mummy.’"

How sweet - and what a GORGEOUS and happy family they are (and coming home every day to his real family must be a HUGE relief to James given all his on-screen baby-related drama as Martin Fowler!)

James Bye and Victoria's birth story is in OK magazine
Pics: OK! magazine

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