Scriptwriters beware - nothing can escape the attention of eagle-eyed fans ?


For the non-soapaholics among us, here's the deal: EastEnders' Stacey Fowler (played by Lacey Turner) is pregnant by her husband, Martin (James Bye).

This was announced some weeks ago, yet the development seemed to have slipped the minds of the writers of last night's episode, as the pair appeared to be enjoying a boozy night out, followed by some tipsy frolics on the allotment.

Stacey's general giddiness and wide-eyed excitement was very soon the talk of Twitter...

"Was Stacey drunk then? I thought she was pregnant," queried one confused tweeter, while another asked: "Have Eastenders forgotten Stacey is pregnant or something?".

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Some wondered if perhaps Stacey was just in an exuberant mood rather than 3 sheets to the wind, pondering: "Can't tell whether she's drunk or just overly happy?"

Which of course could be the correct answer - drunk on life, right?

Or maybe Stacey has just indulged in a single glass of wine that's gone straight to her head?

(1 - 2 units a week is an amount generally considered OK according to official guidelines, despite the general recommendation to avoid alcohol altogether as a precaution).

We remain to be convinced that frolicking on an allotment on a chilly May night is ever a good idea though ?

Images: BBC/Eastenders/Iplayer

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