Easter crackers: are they becoming a thing?

Little bundles of bunnytastic Easter treats to pull open on Easter Sunday: are you in?


We all love Easter, right? But do we love it as much as – maybe more – than Christmas? 


Apparently, so, with some calling Easter ‘Christmas, The Sequel’ – and shops and supermarkets stocking up on Easter crackers.

Yep, crackers for Easter.

Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and John Lewis are all stocking them, and word is they are way more popular than they’ve ever been. In fact, Waitrose say they’ve seen a 63% surge in sales this year.

Many of these crackers arrive empty, with a loose end, so that you can insert your own Easter sweets and treats, and those that don’t come decked out with fluffy yellow chicks, paper hats – even crummy jokes, like their Christmas counterparts.

Here are some of the best Easter crackers we’ve seen so far…

1. House Of Crackers


What’s in them: Each cracker contains an Easter hat, chick, joke, and name tag.

What it costs: £9.50 each, from House Of Crackers

2.  Talking Tables Easter Carrot Crackers


What’s in them: These brightly-coloured carrot-shaped crackers are fill-your-own, so you can add whatever treats you like (but they’re not included).

What it costs: £10, from John Lewis

3. Personalised Colour In Easter Crackers


What’s in them: Not much – you have to fill them yourself – but they are personalised with your child’s name and they’re designed to be coloured-in and decorated.

What it costs: £3.50, from Not On The High Street

4. Party Ark Easter Crackers


What’s in them: Each bunny-faced cracker contains a neon friendship bracelet, a joke and a hat.

What it costs: £11.50 for 6, from Party Ark

5. Waitrose Mini Easter Crackers


What’s in them: The usual cracker fare – in mini form.

What it costs: £4 for 6 crackers, from Waitrose

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