Eddie Murphy has become a dad for an astonishing 9th time, after his current girlfriend Australian model Paige Butcher gave birth to their first child together.


The couple have named their baby Izzy Oona Murphy. Izzy (more usually used as a shortened version of Isabelle) was born on Tuesday morning, and weighed in at 7lbs and 15oz. She measured an impressive 19.5 inches long (50cm), according to a post on the actor's official Facebook page.

Eddie's rep Arnold Robinson told USA Today that mum and baby are doing well, while a source close to the family is reported as saying that Eddie had been really looking forward to his latest child's impending arrival.

Friends of Eddie had said previously how he is a 'family man' who 'loves all of his children' and that 'even though he has 8 children by 4 different women, they all come together on holidays and for sporting events and hang out at his mansion as one big blended family'.

Wow - can you IMAGINE those get-togethers? And now there is another bubba - and mum - in the mix!

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And while we're sure Eddie never mixes up a name or forgets the age of any of his offspring, here's a quick Murphy family roll-call for those of us who might.

First up there's his oldest son Eric, 26, who Eddie had with ex-girlfriend Paulette McNeely, then there's Christian, 25, from his relationship with Tamara Hood.

His next five loin-fruits happened within his marriage to Nicole Mitchell, who he was with for 13 years before their split in 2006. His kids from that union are Bria, 25, Myles, 22, Shayne, 21, Zola, 15 and Bella, 13.

Then there's little Angel - Ed's now 9-year-old daughter with Mel B...(more on that in the links below).

Obviously we are chuffed for Eddie and Paige, and a new baby is always brilliant news - but can you imagine the headlines if it were a female star celebrating her 9th arrival from her 5th partner?

We somehow doubt they'd be quite so... positive. Despite that, Eddie's 'people' insist that everyone co-exists very happily, and that all his previous partners have moved on with their lives...

We'll take their word for it.

We love the name by the way - Izzy Oona is just the right mix of quirky and cute - don't you think?

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