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Edith Bowman - “I expressed milk between bands”

The popular DJ talks to MFM about juggling her radio career and motherhood

Edith confesses that her life has changed a lot since she became a mum

Q. How do you fit in work and a baby?

A. As I’m now only doing two shows at the weekend for Radio 1 (the Saturday and Sunday breakfast shows) it means I can spend more time with Rudy [her son]. I’m only up the road from work so I leave at 6.15am and I’m back by around 11am. If my partner Tom [Smith, Editors frontman] isn’t around, my mum or his mum helps out, and we’ve also got a nanny and Tom’s sister.


Q. You’re lucky to have a good support network. Do you find things are different when you leave Tom in charge?

A. I’m definitely more tidy, but to be honest it’s a bit pointless with a toddler because the toys are going to come straight back out. Rudy’s at that age where he’s not interested in playing with one thing at a time! So I actually think Tom’s got the right idea.

Q. Your job involves going to lots of gigs. Do you still do that now you have a baby?

A. Yes. Obviously my life’s changed massively since I’ve had Rudy, but it hasn’t stopped me doing things that make me myself – which is important. As a mum I think you still need to be allowed to be yourself, otherwise you can go a bit mad. We’ve always said from the start that although Rudy’s our priority, we’ve made him part of our life rather than him dictating what we do.

Q. Have you ever brought Rudy along to a gig?

A. Rudy was two weeks old when he came with me while I was presenting at Glastonbury. I remember being on live telly and asking my producer how long we were going to be filming a particular band. She said about 15 minutes, so I told her I’d be back in 10 and dashed off. I had to express some milk before going back on stage – I could feel my boobs getting harder and harder and filling up!

Q. Can you share any special moments with Rudy?

A. At the moment it’s the whole talking thing. I had a conversation with him on the phone when I was away working and I was in bits afterwards. He told me he saw lots of white horses in a field and they were going ‘neigh Mummy neigh’. So cute.

Q. Will you have more children?

A. At some point I’d love to, but not any time soon. Rudy would make a great big brother. He’d be fun and affectionate. He’s really cuddly.


Q. There was loads in the papers about your heart condition scare when you were pregnant. Are you worried this could be a problem again?

A. The whole heart thing got blown out of proportion. [Edith was reported to be putting her life at risk during pregnancy because of her heart condition.] It was annoying, because I did the interview to be really positive as I had such a great pregnancy and I loved it, but it came back ‘Bowman defies death to have baby’, which was not the case at all.


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