Eight-year-old ‘Marble King’ is the world’s youngest CEO

Young entrepreneur Harli Jordean, 8, runs successful website


Harli Jordean is being hailed as a tiny money-making phenomenon after creating his very own business. The clever 8-year-old who loves marbles has been running his successful website marbleking.co.uk for two years.


Like a true professional, the little entrepreneur from London spends his free time buying stock, handling orders and networking with suppliers.

“I love having my own company,” said Harli. “I like being the boss.”

Harli started his business empire after his marbles were taken from him by some older kids. He then turned to his mum to buy some more. But after struggling to find exactly what he wanted online, he begged his mum to let him start his own website. Since then orders from around the world have been flowing in.

Watch out Lord Sugar!

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