Eight-year-old running his own business

Connor Pickering fires friends from working as they didn’t sell enough cakes.


Connor Pickering, 8, has set up a fairy cake business. The school boy, from Nuneaton, sells homemade fairy cakes for 10p and 20p at break times.


Connor, who’s been nicknamed ‘Connor Sugar’ due to his business streak, pitched the idea of running a charity tuck shop to his teachers, who liked the idea. Mum Donna and dad Gareth, loaned Connor £15 to buy the ingredients to make cakes with and Connor has since been able to turn the stall into a lucrative earner.

“There were a few other tuck shops at school but I didn’t like anything they were selling so I started my own. They only made £2 a week but I made much more. I didn’t want to put them out of business but that’s just what happened,” added Connor, who now makes nearly £25 per week selling the cakes at school.

The profits from the stall are then donated to the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance.

However, he has had some tough business decisions to make, “I hired two friends but we had a disagreement and I said, ‘You’re fired’”, said Connor.

“They didn’t sell enough cakes to cover the costs. They weren’t pulling their weight and I can’t afford to have people like that working for me,” Connor explained to the Daily Mail.

“The stall’s doing a lot better now that I’ve sacked the people that weren’t meeting the targets. We’re all friends again though now.”


Connor, like most children, isn’t sure what he wants to do when he grows up, “One day I’d like to be my own boss by running an ice cream van, then maybe a fleet of them. I wouldn’t mind being a winchman or helicopter pilot with the air ambulance either.”

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