Elton John ‘breastfeeds’ his baby in controversial artwork

Artist Kevin Sharkey creates startling picture of the singer 'breastfeeding' his baby - plus Elton's son's godmother is revealed...

Elton John is the latest subject of interest for controversial artist Kevin Sharkey, after he created a picture of the 63-year-old singer ‘breastfeeding’ his baby son Zachary, reports the Daily Mail.


The picture, named ‘Father and Son’, shows Eltons head seemingly added onto a woman’s body who is breastfeeding. The image was created after artist Kevin was “inspired” by hype surrounding Elton and his partner David Furnish becoming dads through surrogacy in December. Kevin’s previous work includes an image of the Pope marrying a gay couple and Angelina and Madonna in a supermarket aisle pushing trolleys full of multi-racial children.

“What Elton and David are doing is very admirable. It’s set off a new era of gay men having children,” artist Kevin told the Mail. “I must admit I did have a little laugh to myself while I was doing it but I know Elton has got a good sense of humour.” The controversial artwork is on sale for $19,500.

Elton and David became first time dads on Christmas day when their son Zachary was born. It’s not clear if Elton has seen this picture and we hope (for Kevin’s sake) that he sees the funny side…

It’s also rumoured that Elton and David have chosen a godmother for Zachary… Lady Gaga, no less! Following claims in the Mirror that the couple have chosen the eccentric singer to step up to the role, David Furnish has neither denied or confirmed that the rumours are true!

“We haven’t publicly confirmed that yet but your sources are very good!” David told CBSNews during an interview when questioned about Lady Gaga being the unlikely choice as godmother.


Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the Elton John/David Furnish household!

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