Elton’s baby given breast milk by FedEx

Son Zachary has expressed milk delivered to the door - by courier

New dads Elton John and David Furnish are making sure son Zachary is having fresh expressed breastmilk every day, by having it couriered.


Elton revealed on Barbara Walter’s American TV chat show that the breast milk is expressed by Zachary’s biological mother and then delivered by Federal Express.

Zachary’s mother acted as a surrogate mum for Sir Elton John, 64, and his partner David Furnish, 48, and the celebrity pair are determined for Zachary to feed on her breastmilk. While burping his four-month-old son live on telly, Sir Elton told Barbara, “We have the breast milk FedExed from where she is.”

This will certainly save Sir Elton from trying to ‘breastfeed’ his son as depicted in Nick Sharkey’s controversial painting, ‘Father and Son’, which shows Sir Elton added onto a woman’s body and breastfeeding a baby.

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