Fitness guru’s honest 6-week post-baby stomach shot

Exercise fanatic and model Emily Skye shows that even she hasn't 'bounced back' following the birth of her 1st child


Emily Skye is officially our favourite fitness Instagrammer ?


The 33-year-old Aussie has a 2.3 MILLION-strong following, and she’s using her influence to show that no one – not even even the fittest amongst us – ‘snaps’ back into shape after childbirth ?

Emily welcomed her 1st child – a baby girl named Mia Elise – back in December 2017.

And 6 weeks following the birth, she took to her Instagram page to reveal what her mumtum really looks like – unflexed, unedited and unfiltered – in a super honest video.

emily skye

(She also revealed she only started exercising again 2 days prior, and yes, we do get to see her tum flexed, too – girl’s got some muscle memory!)

“For me this whole ‘snap back’idea is unrealistic – it’s taking me hard work, consistency and patience,” she wrote in the caption.

“I’ve got a saggy belly, extra body fat, cellulite, stretch marks & I’ve lost a lot of muscle but my abs are still under there when I flex my butt off haha! ?”

emily flexing

“Becoming a mum has changed me in so many ways. Some changes are positive and some could be seen as negative,” she continued.

“But I’m choosing to focus on the positives and the things I can control, such as working out and eating healthy.

“Many people have told me things like, ‘Your body is ruined’ and ‘Your body will never be the same’.

“You’re right, it will be BETTER! ??”

Emily’s been sharing tons of stuff like this – which is SO good for the soul, especially if you’ve just had a baby and are feeling the P R E S S U R E.

(We especially like this before-during-after bump snap, as it really illustrates the extent our bodies can change during pregnancy!)

emily skye

She revealed in an earlier post that she thought she’d be exercising regularly during pregnancy, but instead was hit with sickness and a back pain that made it hard for her to walk.

Emily also confessed she’d been told endlessly that she’d ‘bounce back’ like other ‘fit mums’ do – and, when she didn’t, she decided to slow things down to a ‘realistic’ pace.

Truth be told, we really hate that new mums – whoever they are – so often feel like they need to look trim and toned the minute the step out of the delivery room.

We truly hope that this glimpse into Emily’s journey goes to show that this is just not realistic.

And that’s perfectly OK ?

Images: Instagram/Emily Skye

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