Eminem ditches bad boy image for daughters

Rapper is latest rock ‘n’ roll dad to clean up his act

Rapper Eminem reckons his bad boy behaviour and language is left at the front door when he comes home and looks after his daughters.


Dad to Hailie, 15, and adopted daughters Alaina and Whitney, the star famed for his rap songs which are packed full of bad language says he has none of it in his house.

“I’m a parent – I have daughters. I mean how would I really sound as a person walking around my house saying, ‘b*tch pick this up,’” said the star. “Profanity around my house? No.”

Hot on the heels of Eminem’s professional life verses personal life confession, actor Mark Wahlberg says he’s also lost his bad boy attitude since welcoming his brood of four.


“I’m a dad. I grew up in an edgy environment and had to navigate through a pretty tough world,” admits Mark. “I was required to play a badass, but I’m past all that now.”

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