EU votes yes to extend maternity pay

Mums-to-be could potentially have up to 20 weeks off work at full pay


The European Union has passed a motion that could let mums take up to 20 weeks maternity leave at full pay, reports the Metro.


The vote, which was passed by 390 to 192, sparked anger amongst members from the UK, who argued against the motion. However, yesterday’s vote is just the first step in a long campaign before any concrete changes are made to the system.

According to reports, the UK’s maternity leave bill would increase by 47% – totalling £2.5 billion per year.
“MEPs did not see sense and voted to adopt 20 weeks on full pay, proposals which would be damaging if implemented,” said Liz Lynne, Liberal Democrat MEP. 

“But this is only the first stage of a long negotiation,” she added.


As we reported earlier in the week, the vote has caused a lot of debate already in the UK.

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