A naming site called Baby Name Wizard has revealed the most popular baby names from different European countries, according to OK!


We know that Oliver for a boy and Amelia for a girl top the rankings here in the UK ?? but what’s the sitch for our French, Spanish and German neighbours?

Which names are parents loving a little further afield, in the Ukraine, Hungary and Russia?

Let’s have a look below, to see if we can spot any trends...

France: Lucas and Chloe ??
Spain: Hugo and Ane ??
Portugal: Santiago and Maria ??
Germany: Maximilian and Sophie ??
Italy: Francesco and Sofia ??
Hungary: Bence and Hanna ??
Turkey: Yusuf and Elif ??
Russia: Alexandre and Sofya ??
Ukraine: Maxim and Sofia ??

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It seems to us that there are 2 common threads throughout this list.

The first is that longer names for boys and shorter names for girls seem to be on trend. The second is that Max and Sophie, with their many spelling variations, are clearly the names of the moment across the continent!

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