Even Amanda Holden can’t get everything on her daughter’s Christmas list

Pregnant Amanda takes to Twitter to try and track down a Disney toy for Lexi this Christmas


Mum-of-one Amanda Holden is counting on her Twitter followers to help her get a small Disney Rapunzel Tower for daughter Lexi, 5, this Christmas.


Desperate to get the toy in time for the big day, Amanda called out to her followers for a Christmas miracle.

“Ok!! Help! Xmas shopping and Disney have sold out of the small version of Rapunzels tower! Does anyone have a one new [sic] that I can buy?!!!” the Britain’s Got Talent judge pleaded.

Hopefully the Elves have jumped to work and got building one for the pregnant star, who’s been dealing with upsetting miscarriage rumours this week http://www.madeformums.com/celebs/amanda-holden-pregnancy-problems-rumour-not-true/. But if the celebs have trouble getting the must have toy for their kids at Christmas what chance do we have?!

Don’t worry Amanda, we’re onto Disney right now!

Mums are you having trouble finding any toys this Christmas?


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