Evian’s rollerskating babies

Cute TV ad for Evian water has become a must-see YouTube sensation




This Evian advert, with babies in nappies whizzing about on rollerskates to a hip hop tune has become a hit online – it’s been viewed 3.8 million times on YouTube in the past week, reports the Telegraph. We admit we’ve watched it more than once because it’s that adorable! Have we bought more water because of it? Not yet…

As you can see, the cute Evian babies display some deft moves in the 60-second video clip, which was filmed at London’s Pinewoood Studios.

The ad has been shown on TV in France, Belgium and Canada, but Evian hasn’t said when it will hit UK television screens. And, as the clip is working so well virally, its plans for reaching our televisions is under review.


The Evian babies were last seen 11 years ago, when they performed underwater ballet.


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