Exactly how sick do our children make us?

Eight out of 10 of us catch colds, coughs, chickenpox and head lice – to name just a few – from our children, according to a new survey


A whopping 80% of us have caught something from our children, according to a poll from development charity Sightsavers.


The survey of 1,000 people found that the most common lurgies we pick up from our kids are colds, coughs, diarrheoa and vomiting, head lice, eye infections and dysentery. Mums, you’re hit the worst – of those polled, 84% had caught a cold from their child.

While the poll suggests an average of 1.18 sick days each year are down to illnesses we caught off our children, we wonder how it’s not actually more. The bugs we’ve had decend on MFM HQ recently have us clocking up extra!

Sightsavers commissioned the study to raise awareness for its work tackling trachoma disease in the developing world. Trachoma and can be prevented with antibiotics but will lead to blindness if left untreated.


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