Example’s wife Erin: 35 weeks’ pregnant and on ‘bumpwatch’

Erin McNaught's baby is due in 5 weeks' time and she's constantly checking her bump to make sure 'it's still there'...


Example’s wife Erin McNaught is finally reaching the last stages of her first pregnancy. And it seems there’s only one thing she wants to do: keep an eye on that bump!


“Bumpwatching – it’s not the most exhilarating activity in the world but I seem to be doing it a lot lately. Yep, still there! #35weeks,” she wrote on Instagram, beside a snap of her wearing a sleeveless, bump-clinging little black dress.

The 32-year-old recently celebrated her pregnancy with family and friends by throwing a baby shower at her home in Australia. Wearing a polka-dot sundress for the event, Erin enjoyed spending time with her niece.


“My niece and I ‘discussing’ Jamie’s Choc Celebration Cake at my Baby Shower, i.e. when can she have some!” she commented on her sweet pics of the event (above).

But the chocolate cake wasn’t the only amazing food on offer at the event. Erin also ordered bacon cookies for the do. “These are Maple Syrup & Cinnamon Cookies with a BACON BUTTERCREAM filling (yes, BACON) and they come from the cookie gods,” she posted.

Wow. Not sure if we want to try those or not!

Photos: Instagram / Erin McNaught

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