Exclusive – secret preview of new buggies coming next year

See them here first! The innovative new buggies that are still in development from iCandy, Britax, Cybex and Joie


MadeForMums has recently come back from the world’s largest baby and toddler trade fair in Cologne, Germany.


Among the many thousands of baby and parenting products on display, we were also given access to a few off-limit rooms, in which were hidden some top-secret pushchairs.

Unfortunately a lot of the products are under embargo, which means we can’t tell you very much about them. But expect the next generation of buggies to be sparklier and more luxurious.

One of the most hush-hush products – locked away in a little room and protected by a member of staff at all times – was Babystyle’s brand new buggy, the Egg. 

We can’t say more than the new travel system will be released in the middle of 2015 and it’s sumptuous. If you’ve been waiting for a follow-up to the ever-popular Oyster range, you won’t be disappointed. 


New from iCandy 

We’ve revealed details of iCandy’s soon-to-come iCandy Strawberry 2 and the lightweight Raspberry, and at Cologne the British brand was also celebrating 5 years of the popular Peach pushchair.

The company showcased new Peach colours including the limited-edition black version of the buggy (pictured above), with its bold orange wheels.

More excitingly, iCandy also had a secret room of its own. This held a few specially designed prams where even sneaky photos were not allowed. Listen when we say we’re talking lavish and luxury – and watch this space…


Luxury travel system from Cybex

Cybex is a fast-growing brand in the UK, and is already a big hit in the States. Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman chose a Cybex Aton Q for baby Eric earlier this year. 

The German brand is now developing a whole fleet of brand new buggies. But best (pictured above), is its first ever luxury travel system – the Priam.

Based on the design of the iconic Ray and Charles Eames Lounge Chair, the pram is both rear and forward-facing, can be used with a carrycot, or seat unit and fits any Cybex infant car seat. We’re looking forward to reviewing it…

It has a one-hand recline function, two step folding action, and like a Bugaboo Cameleon and Bugaboo Buffalo, it also has a two-wheeled position.

As it’s a luxury buggy, perhaps it’s no surprise that there’s a ski attachment. The front wheels can be replaced with skis so that the buggy becomes a little snowmobile – yes really. The Priam will be launched later this year.


Cybex has developed another six brand new three and four-wheeled buggies (pictured above).  Previously selling lightweight strollers, including the Callisto, the company is now producing a range of practical 3-in-1 prams that can be used with a carrycot, seat unit and an infant car seat.  Half of the prams are still lightweight and the other half are all-terrain pushchairs.  


Joie’s super lightweight

Joie has revealed one of the lightest ever strollers. The new Aire Light weighs just 4.6 kg and can be lifted with one hand – we know because we tried it. 

What we like about the buggy is that, although it’s so lightweight, it’s a solid 2-in-1 travel system with a compact fold, rather than an umbrella fold. It can be used from birth, comes in smart block colours and has a fully expandable hood. The bad news is that this buggy is not yet available in the UK, but when it does go on sale here, it’s set to sell for around £99.99.

Joie has also made a lightweight double – the Aire Twin. Weighing a respectable 11.6kg the twin pushchair will cost around £170.


Britax’s hi-tech buggy

The new Smile e-Brake pushchair from Britax is seriously full of innovation.

It’s a buggy that features an automatic braking system that works simply by touching the handle. When we tried pushing the pram, as soon as you put your hand on the handle you hear a click and the buggy is ready to go. Take your hand off the handle and the pram instantly locks – no chance of a runaway buggy.

A small computer perched in the middle of the handle bar controls the brake system, a green light on the handle indicates when your hand is on the buggy and a red light indicates when the brakes are engaged.

The computer also tells the time, counts the amount of calories you burn when pushing, counts your steps, records the distance you’ve travelled and even tells the temperature inside the buggy.

A pushchair for tech lovers, it was shortlisted for the Kind & Jugend Fair Innovation Award for Moving Baby 2014 – but it didn’t win. That award went to the wonderfully optimistic product below…


Six-seater buggy

The coveted Innovation prize actually went to the Dutch company Childhome for its incredible six-seater buggy. Clearly not a pushchair that most parents would need or even want, it’s ideal for nursery workers. 


What we really liked is that it’s fully foldable and is actually quite compact when folded.       

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