Extra-curricular activities lower children’s school grade

Parents who send their children to activities out of school could be harming their academic grades


Children who do more than 17 hours of organised extra-curricular activities, such as dance or martial arts, are at increased risk of burn-out, aggression and exam failure, according to research.


The more that parents organise their child’s lives outside of school, the less a priority school becomes. Children could in fact benefit more from spending time with family or playing with friends, research revealed.

“Above a certain level [of extra activities] you see a decline in grades and a decline in achievement,” said Jennifer Fredricks, who led the research.


Maths test results of an average 56% came from pupils who participated in five activities out of school. However those with 10 extra-curricular activities scored grades 4% lower than average. This was a worse performance than that of children with no organised activities. 

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