Extreme birth locations

Hospital is the most popular choice when it comes to giving birth but some baby’s just can’t wait to get out – whatever the location.


An expectant mum had a surprise delivery this week when she gave birth to her baby on the toilet.


Nicole Loveland from America had started to have contractions and had her bags packed ready to leave for hospital. But when she nipped to the toilet before heading off, her baby decided there was no time like the present.

“While Nicole was in the bathroom, she told me something dropped into the toilet,” said surprised new dad Justin. “It so happened to be a baby!”

While the new parents waited for an ambulance to arrive, Justin followed instructions from an ambulance dispatcher and tied the umbilical cord off with laces from his hiking boots. Their new baby, Graeme, and Nicole were both fine and healthy after the surprise water birth.

And Graeme’s not the only baby in a hurry to be born…

Asda staff help deliver baby

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Woman gives birth on the motorway

Man locks himself out of house as wife gives birth inside

Baby born on London Underground


If you’re expecting and thinking about where you’d like to give birth check out these more conventional location options!

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