Family dog finds and looks after missing toddler

Protective family pet searches out 2-year-old boy, and stays with him until rescuers found them


Tyler Jacobson, 2, wandered off from his home, in South Carolina, in nothing but a nappy. But 12 hours later, police found the toddler being guarded by the family’s Labrador. The unnamed dog is thought to have stayed by Tyler’s side throughout the night, keeping him warm in freezing temperatures.


“Just thinking that a dog would watch a baby over the night, it’s kind of like a movie instead of real life. I heard some barking early in the morning, but I didn’t really think about it,” neighbour Emily DuBose told WIS TV.

“Since he belonged to them, he must have followed the boy the whole way, so that’s very special,” another neighbour commented.


“Everybody was hollering for the baby and calling his name. Not once did we hear him cry. His mum was worried and the baby upset. Bringing them back together was a joyful sight,” said Sheriff Jim Matthews.


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