Family feuding tops four days a year!

Survey reveals the extent of a good old family row


According to research by the World Family Database, the average family argues for a whole 4 days a year, with 3 disagreements a day, each lasting 5 minutes.


The study looked at a massive 3000 families, and found arguments about household chores are the most common, closely followed by kids treating the house like a hotel and everyone taking each other for granted.

And if you think little boys are the worst offenders, think again, as daughters of the household are the ones most likely to slam doors during a row, whereas cool headed dads are most likely to take a breather first and go for a long drive until everything has settled down.

The top 10 family arguments are:


1.      Household chores
2.      Treating the house like a hotel
3.      Taking each other for granted
4.      Being unable to find something in the house
5.      What to watch on TV
6.      Whose turn it is to wash up
7.      Whose turn it is to go on the computer
8.      The cost of the telephone bill
9.      Loud music
10.    Homework

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