Family judge tells dad to use Skype to see his children in OZ

Dad-of-two told that Skype is a “good enough” way to see his children when their mum emigrates to Australia


Concerned that his “embryonic” relationship with his children would be ruined if their mum took them to live in Australia, a dad-of-two took to the courts to prevent the situation from happening.


But the dad was shocked when judge Sir Nicholas Wall refused the plea. The judge told him he’d still be able to have a relationship with his children using Skype to see and communicate with them.

Whilst accepting that the dad’s objections “came from the heart”, Sir Nicholas said it would be “plainly wrong” to block the woman’s chance of a new life. He added that the age of instant online communication meant the children’s move did not mean the end of the relationship with their father, reported the Telegraph.


What are your views on this strange case?


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