Family life more frantic than fun, says new survey

Parents urged to spend more time playing with their children


If you find it have difficulty switching off from work when you’re at home and struggle to make time to play with your children, you’re not alone.


A new survey by Lego has found that over a third of parents describe family life as more frantic than fun, with just 26% of working mums finding time to play with their children on a regular basis, compared to 46% of men.

“For working parents, it’s a real struggle to find quality time to play and have fun with your children,” said Lorraine Thomas, chief executive of The Parent Coaching Academy. “There is always too much to do, not enough time to do it and definitely never enough Mum or Dad to go round.

“Most working Mums and Dads say they’re desperate to be ‘fun’ parents but because of the stressful demands of combining family and career, they end up as ‘frantic’ parents instead, and ultimately end up feeing guilty.”

Nearly half of the 1,500 parents who took part in the survey quoted busy schedules and household tasks as preventing them from spending more time with their children.


“Connection is much more important than perfection,” advises Lorraine Thomas. “Stop thinking of time as a burden and start recognizing just how precious it is. Stop trying to pack as much as possible into every day. The housework will always be there but your children won’t be small for long.”


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