Suri Cruise’s surprise birthday style

The mini fashionista tones down her usual flamboyant style as she celebrated her 6th birthday


Suri Cruise stepped out on her 6th birthday with her mum and actress Katie Holmes, and we have to say we’re a little surprised by her toned down outfit. 


For a child that has frequently topped the list of the most stylish celebrity children, and has been rumoured to have a £2 million wardrobe and a $200,000 shoe collection, our expectations were high for her birthday outfit. 

In her younger years, mini fashionista Suri was known for her love of heels, but on her 6th birthday, metalic silver flats were the footwear of choice. After being papped in Ladybird Ugg boots and a lovely pair of flats, we’re thinking Suri may have turned a style corner. 

We’re used to seeing Suri upstage her mum in the style stakes and her dad, Tom Cruise, has even admitted that Suri gives him and Katie fashion advice

Although there’s one thing that Suri still seems reluctant to wear – a coat

What do you think of Suri’s new look?

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