Suri Cruise perfects her red lipstick pout in New York – what happened to school?

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's 5-year-old daughter has been snapped in New York after starting school in California last week


Suri Cruise may be one lucky 5-year-old – owning a rumoured $200,000 shoe collection and once clocking up 65,000 air miles in less than two years – but when does she go to school?


Last week, Suri had her first day at the scientology school New Village Leadership Academy in California, which was founded by Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

Now, just a week later, Suri has been spotted on the other side of America in New York. Have Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise been letting their little one miss school? Perhaps US schools are a little different to our UK ones, with no risk of an £100 fine and jail term! Or maybe Suri be flying back in good time, if Katie’s private helicopter is on standby again!

While Suri cradled her doll in a leopard print shawl, her outfit made her look much older than her 5 years. Suri wore a blue mini dress, accessorised with a Mermaid handbag, cute pink hat and pink scarf as she walked around the streets of New York. Instead of her trademark heels, the mini fashionista wore flat ballet pumps. The finishing touch? A rather grown-up shade of lipstick.

Suri seems to know a thing or two about looking stylish, even if she is only 5, but do you think it’s too young an age for perfectly applied red lipstick? Do you let your child dabble with your make-up before heading out?

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