Katie Price to launch make-up for tots?

Ex-glamour model rumoured to be planning a new make-up range for little girls

Peter Andre is allegedly furious with his ex-wife Katie Price after finding out that she may be planning her own make-up range for little girls, with her 2-year-old daughter Princess as the face of the range.


The celeb mum-of-three, who has confessed to countless rounds of cosmetic surgery, is rumoured to be designing a collection of edible lipsticks, blusher, mascara and nail varnish, after chatting about it during her reality TV show What Katie Did Next. According to the The Sun, 31-year-old Katie is in talks with the makers behind her perfumes to create a little girl’s make-up range, for tots as young as two.

As if the make-up plan wasn’t controversial enough, the model is apparently planning to use her 2-year-old daughter Princess as the cover girl, causing her dad Peter Andre to see red.

“Peter’s concerns are genuine. He really doesn’t think it’s right to see a child wearing makeup. He’s hoping that it’s some sort of joke – or that she sees sense and doesn’t go ahead with it,” a source told The Sun.


Katie came under fire last month when she posted pictures of her daughter donning huge fake eyelashes and lip gloss. She was also criticised for straightening her curly-haired toddler’s mane with hot irons on her show What Katie Did Next.


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