Suri Cruise plays ‘mum’ on a shopping trip with Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise's daughter Suri was spotted playing 'mum' on the weekend, taking her baby doll shopping along with her own mum, Katie.


Katie Holmes and little Suri Cruise, 5, were snapped over the weekend taking a very special friend for a trip to the shops. The friend was none other than Suri’s baby doll, whom she pushed along in a buggy and even stopped at various points to check on, to make sure she was alright, according to the Daily Mail.

Katie Holmes
walked along side, looking bemused at her daughter. The pair were visiting California’s Brentwood County Mart, home to specialist boutiques. Maybe they were after some more pieces to add to Suri’s rumoured £2 million wardrobe?


Suri Cruise has never been one to act her own age, having been photographed in the past wearing high heels and drinking from a Starbucks cup, so it’s refreshing to see her playing like a 5-year-old.

While Dad Tom Cruise didn’t join his wife and daughter on the shopping trip, he has been busy setting up Suri’s future, by organising singing lessons. Suri was inspired to start singing by family friend Willow Smith and now has her heart set on being a pop star, too.

This Mini Cruise is going to go far!

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